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Any business transitioning to or integrating IoT needs to face countless technological challenges, and this is where an IoT platform helps. Astarte is designed from the ground up to minimise complexity and to foster integration of existing components, making it the perfect choice for those who need to rely on a stable, secure and performing platform which does not require a steep learning curve or large development efforts. Find out why.

Don’t rethink your applications – enhance them

Businesses nowadays need to answer to new market demands faster and better than ever. Minimising investments and time to market hence becomes essential to stay ahead of the competition. Astarte not only gives you a strong foundation you can use for any new application, allowing you to minimise and decouple complexity, but it is also designed to natively integrate with any existing application or service which exposes an API.
Stop thinking about complex architectures or infrastructures, and let Astarte communicate with your applications the way they expect. Less risks on your side, faster results, and better performances. Give your IoT business the technology fast track it deserves.

Astarte enhances your applications
Astarte helps you become a first mover, without all the risks

Be a first mover, without all the risks

IoT is becoming pervasive, but is still in its early stages in several application fields. Being a first mover has its privileges, but comes at a price. Unless you rely on adequate technology. Astarte gives you the flexibility to enhance your existing products with minimum efforts, create pilots faster than ever and building your future technology stack, now. Size your expenses as you go, seamlessly switching between a SaaS, private cloud, hybrid cloud or fully on-premise installation. And being open source, Astarte is a secure investment for years to come, with both community and top notch commercial support.

Make IoT fit your business (not the other way round)

Different use cases have different needs, just like different businesses have different core competencies. Some companies lean more towards excellence in technology, others towards providing great end user services without caring much about the technical details. Astarte aims to be the core of your new infrastructure, without forcing you to go in a specific direction: lets you pay only for messages you consume without caring about the underlying infrastructure, or you can deploy Astarte on-premises on any public or private cloud, or even on your own premises, customising it to your needs and making it fit perfectly to your solution.

Astarte makes IoT fit your business

Control your IoT expenses


A common issue when dealing with IoT is mapping infrastructure and software expenses to your revenues. IoT is a pervasive technology, and different businesses have different needs in terms of costs, performances and reliability. Astarte gives you every option to maximise your efficiency: you can choose the deployment option which matches your costs better as you scale out, and whether to rely on Ispirata’s services to maintain and support your installation, or use the Open Source version – and switch between the two options seamlessly at any time.


Astarte helps you control your IoT expenses

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