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Astarte makes IoT easy

Built for Integration.

What is Astarte

Astarte is a new concept of IoT platform.

Astarte routes data between your devices and your applications, adapting to how your application expects data rather than forcing your application to implement specific APIs, allowing you to build great IoT applications or integrate IoT in existing ones with almost no effort.

Astarte is your fast track to the IoT:
Open, Secure, Built for Integration.

Astarte is a new concept of IoT platform
Astarte is built for integration

Built for integration

Astarte is an enabler which decouples entirely the complexity of transferring data from devices to your applications and backwards.

Astarte prevents you from building yet another set of isolated Silos for your applications. Instead, it gives you an Open platform designed to get data from/to applications the way they want it, when they want it.
Develop IoT applications without even knowing devices exist, and let Astarte do the rest.

How does it work?

Astarte communicates with your devices over a protocol of your choice, and processes your data internally to feed it to your application, based on a set of rules.
Astarte is so flexible that it can hook into your existing APIs to deliver data. Security, Bandwidth Control, Fleet Management are no longer yours to care about: let Astarte handle all of this for you and focus on what really matters:
building great applications.

Astarte communicates with your devices over a protocol of your choice
Astarte welcomes you to the IoT fast late

Adopt once.
Welcome to the IoT fast lane.

Why does an IoT platform matter, anyway? It’s simple: building IoT logic straight into an application can be indeed tricky. And it gets even trickier when you start having more than one application. Adopting Astarte means accelerating dramatically your IoT business while relying on a solid, future-proof technology.
Forget about hard dependencies, and feel free to develop your applications or integrate existing ones regardless of their technology or frameworks.

Don’t lose track of your devices

Astarte allows you to manage your entire fleet, keeping track in real time of anything happening to your devices.

Configure Astarte to send you alerts whenever something relevant happens, such as a new device connecting for the first time. If one of your devices has been tampered or compromised, prevent it from connecting to Astarte with just one click, and re-enable it in the same fashion in case you take back its control.

Or, simply, send manual messages to any of your devices to perform maintenance. Astarte will make sure you’ll never miss a beat of anything which is relevant to you in your fleet.

Astarte allows you to manage your entire IoT fleet
Astarte is Open Source

Open Source

Being Open Source and thanks to its internal design, Astarte allows anyone to extend its reach to virtually any protocol or transport. Dive into the code and get an IoT platform which is really tailored around you. And if you need reliability for your business, fear not: Astarte has extensive commercial support both for customised and on premise installations, or you can even take advantage of its SaaS offer.



Astarte takes security seriously, while trying hard not to make things more complex than they should be. Astarte uses state of the art SSL/TLS technology, which can be integrated with your own Certificate Authority. Certificates can be revoked and (re)issued remotely, and you can choose how to harden your device depending on your actual needs: from marking every single device in production with an unique token, to a domain-shared token which can be used by all of your devices.

Bandwidth Consumption

Astarte is designed from the ground up to minimise bandwidth consumption. From sending incremental data to adaptive bandwidth limiting, you can make sure Astarte won’t waste more data than it should. And, if you need absolute control, you can extend Astarte with 3rd party services to give your fleet a better way to handle its data throughput.

Decoupling Complexity

Astarte allows you to develop IoT applications without caring about IoT at all. You don’t have to learn any complex set of APIs, change your development workflow, or even care about the hassle of managing a fleet of hundreds, thousands or even more devices. Astarte is designed to seamlessly integrate with your application through your own APIs: keep developing the way you’re used to, and let Astarte hook into your logic. Enabling your existing application and developing new ones will be easier and faster than ever.


Astarte requires all data structures flowing between devices and applications to be defined beforehand. While this may seem a limitation, it gives you limitless power when routing data: you can create complex queries, enrich a message with more data coming from the device’s known status, and much more.

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