Why Astarte Cloud?

Get started immediately

Forget about setting up your cluster, dealing with infrastructure and all that jazz.
Astarte Cloud gives you access to your private, isolated Astarte Realm, and you can start connecting your devices and deploying your Flows minutes later.
It’s even easier than you think.

Astarte, supercharged

Astarte Cloud includes everything in Astarte Enterprise and more.
Take advantage of the power of Flow with even less management overhead, and deploy your containers with a click.
Scale up just by requesting more resources. View all of your stats at a glance. And a lot more.
If you liked Astarte, you’re going to love Astarte Cloud.

Know what you pay for

Tired of complex pricing schemes? We feel you.
That’s why in Astarte Cloud you pay only for resources allocated for your workloads and Flows, in a predictable and deterministic way.
Pick the amount of resources that suits you best, and you’re good to go

Scale up and out

Astarte Cloud can scale up with your needs, but when your project becomes even more successful, you might want to scale out to your own infrastructure. And we know it.
That’s why we support migrating any installation from Astarte Cloud to Astarte Enterprise, seamlessly.
And we promise we’ll party with you on your first million devices connected.


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